4 Aug

It’s a challenge to be a good mom or dad in these changing times. We hear that it’s not good for a child to watch an hour of television a day but Sesame Street splashes itself across your screen at the most tempting time: in the 7 – 8 am slot, before you’ve had your coffee, and while you’re trying to get breakfast ready, your kid ready, yourself ready, and the dog fed, and refill your coffee. So I bend, recognize there are some things I’m great at and others that are gonna have to slide (like occasionally sloppy grammar and muppets in the morning).

This morning, Sesame Street’s word on the street (like I said, changing times – the “word on the street” segment started in 2007) was “challenge.” As the various guests being interviewed by Murray the muppet explained, it’s something that is hard to do but you just keep trying anyway. When my 15 month old daughter heard this, she started jumping. She has been trying to jump since the beginning of July when my mother (who once upon a time was a nursery school teacher) was visiting and making my daughter fall in love with her. Z has been trying to jump ever since. Yesterday counts as her first jump since she had both feet off the ground (even though they also were both up in the air when she landed – on her bum). Either way, she recognized this as a challenge.

And here is my challenge today – to start this blog which has been on my mind for too long. Welcome to it. People have been telling me for years I should blog. I balked. Till finally i relented. I started a gardening/armageddon blog a few months back just to get into habitual writing again. That blog (revelgardener.com), which is more garden then Armageddon (but see the post where they merge, filed under “armagarden”) can be found here. While that (and chasing an overly eager baby who is perpetually trying to jump and sidestepping the dog who is forever trying to avert her) keeps me plenty busy. However, every day I’m learning something new outside the garden that I want to share, whether it’s in observing my 15 month old, Z, or my older daughter, a stunningly beautiful and brilliant 21 year old (no mama pride here – every word there is true!), a rising senior in college. Let’s call her “A,” though she sometimes refers to herself in the third person as “Baby #1,” when she’s needing a little mommy love.

So it may be a challenge, this journey of sharing my stories as a revel mama with you, however embarrassing or hard to reveal they may be. Revel mama? Well, it means that, through all the tears, laughter, successes, failures and heartaches, I revel in this incredible journey of mama hood. I’m hoping you take this challenge and share with us your stories too. This is a free and open space.  No judgment; no shame.

Go ahead .. it’s time.

Revel on, revel mamas!


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