I Thought Amex Was Above This

13 Sep

Should anyone be worried about the future of American Express?  I just got an announcement in the mail that I am APPROVED for a FREE 2012 BLUE Book Set (Retail Value: $44.98, I pay just shipping and handling of $4.58).  It’s presented as a “Free Gift” from Amex.  I actually considered it for a second and decided to go online to see what it looked like since this is often the kind of thing I find myself with too much of mid-January and am throwing out multiple freebie calendars, schedulers, etc.  But it’s also the kind of thing that I like to have lined up ahead of time — what am I going to be using for my personal calendar, since I’m a dinosaur of a mom, and which one is going to hang on the wall for me to show Z the days of the weeks, months, time going by.  So I was about to see if I could find a picture of it online when I noticed the find print “My No-Obligation-To-Buy Guarantee,” which of course means you are in fact obligating yourself to something.   So it turns out in addition to that snazzy book you’re about to pay them to send you, you’re also getting “Appointment Book Plan privileges,” which you get to enjoy year after year (at an unspecified price but the even finer print on the back of the notice, which looks like a bill to the unscrutinizing eye tells us its current cost is $27.99 for the appointment book and/or $16.99 for the mini-scheduler, which looks like the kind your dentist and vet sets out for free on their counters).  But you can turn this down, of course, before it arrives at the end of the year, you know when you’re in the middle of the end of year scramble of Christmas gifts and negotiating time off to travel and helping your kids through finals and absolutely exhausted.  But who doesn’t enjoy a morning just like this?  6 a.m., sorting through junk mail.

Thanks Amex.


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