My Junk

23 Oct

Junk the notion of a junk drawer.  It’s plain wasteful, on top of being disrespectful of your space.  Although I don’t believe in these lazy cop-outs, I was not proactively refusing my family the convenience of one, and one therefore created itself in the drawer closest to the kitchen entrance.  This is a predictable spot for one to spontaneously spawn because it’s the easiest place to throw something that has no apparent home.  (Watch out, too, for the entrance to your house since this is where things get dropped off and never picked up – such as bags, boots, mail, children).  But this kitchen drawer nearest the entrance may be the most psychologically dangerous because whenever you enter the room, you know it’s there, waiting to be cleaned out and hiding stuff you’ve probably spent days looking for.  Make no mistake about it, my friends, the junk drawer is a trap.

Ah, the ugliness of clutter.  Not only does it take up your physical and mental space.  It takes up your time.  So tonight on this lovely Saturday evening in late October, when I should be kicking back with a glass of vino, enjoying the smell of bread I made earlier today (Washington Penultimate Multi-grain Granola Bread from the Dairy Hollow House Soup & Bread by Crescent Dragonwagon), and getting ready to flip on the telly to catch SNL, or pore over more Tribes submissions, instead I find myself staring at all the useless crap that I have dragged out of the sly junk drawer.  This means that the drawer has zapped me physically, mentally, and temporally.  Curse you, clutter!

My approach to tonight’s combat is three-fold: 1) empty; 2) clean; 3) stock.

The first step is emptying the drawer.  This is easy enough.  Just make sure you put it clear enough away from the drawer that it doesn’t claw its way back in (or conveniently “fall” back into the drawer).  Moving items away from their clutter-corner is always a good idea in clutter busting.

The second step is cleaning the drawer.  This rids it of all that negative clutter-energy, as well as the little bits of paper, dust and debris that have been hiding (and contributing to indoor air pollution).

The third step is stocking the drawer only with what you want in it.  Let me take a moment with this step, since there are alternatives here.

Although I plan to sort through the items that came to possess my drawer, I have a friend who recommends just throwing it all out.  That’s not quite my speed, since I do go to the drawer on a regular basis for a couple of items I count on to be there.  I’m treating this drawer with special care since it’s not like other drawers with a specific, designated purpose.  Due to its lack of definition, it’s more prone to being a clutter magnet.  Take, in contrast, a cutlery drawer.  The silverware, since it is in a place designated for it and it alone, is less likely to intermingle with the things I have just pulled from my inadvertent junk drawer: spare change, screws, a tape measure, rubber bands, twine, child safety locks (real useful in the junk drawer, you know), Abbey’s heartworm pills (with a calendar note revealing we’re 21 days behind schedule), two flashlights (I was looking for just one the other day), clips from used coffee bags (for an upcoming post on comparison coffee shopping), several mysterious plastic gadgets, a disposable camera – jeez, it really has been awhile since I’ve gone through this stuff – and other items I now see occupying my counter top.

Tonight I’m going to look at the empty drawer, and list in my head the items that I go to the drawer for.  I will place only those items in the drawer, then make a list of the items and put it in the drawer with them, to ward off interlopers.  As for the remaining items (and they are many), my husband was good enough to come downstairs just now, look at the pile of junk and offer to sort through anything I didn’t want to deal with.  To avoid it polluting up his space too long, in a few days I will check in with him; whatever remains I will suggest we throw out.

Hopefully this will work … strapping on my miner’s light now….here we go…


One Response to “My Junk”

  1. Steven Myers October 23, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    The junk drawer universe, you bring to life here. Excellent!
    It’s presence and presents, a see saw battle.
    A Picasso dream sequence, maybe random, maybe not.

    I peeked into a drawer once and saw some reading glasses, a piece of torn clothing, and a heart shaped box or something along those lines,
    inanimate compassionate,
    a prayer of sorts,
    a talisman.

    Cigarette pack A and Cigarette Pack B merging contents, “mythologies.”

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