OWS Question

30 Oct

Because nobody’s owning Occupy Wall Street, doesn’t that open it up to all kinds of copyright intrusion invitations? Is it that it might not “read” well for Levi’s to take over the OWS branding? Didn’t they jump in to fill the void left by Whitman’s behind, with barely a lick of a whipping of public reaction opinion? Maybe Levi’s (which are not really made in America) will do the same once the number of butts in Zucotti Park reaches minimal mote, or surpasses critical mass. What if the localities threaten to shut it all down but one corporation, in the guise of being “different,” offers shelter from the storm? What if it’s the only way to stay viable? Will they go home? Will they be dragged to prisons away? Will they make resolutions to return? Will they promise to send placards?  Will they say they’ve had their say? Will they say they’ve made their mark?  Will they? Will they?

Will they know how much, and what, is riding on this question?


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