You Go (to) The Container Store

6 Dec

Why send your dollars to China when there’s plenty of U.S. made crap you can buy right here at home?

Happily, The Container Store has been promoting a small coterie of local stuff you don’t need in the USA.  And, as evidenced by my late night photo shoot, I’m buying!  This cute little shoe box, reasonably priced at $1.89 each, illustrates that we can make a whole bunch of our own crap right here in the good ol’ U. S. of A.  As you dish out your hard-earned dollars this holiday shopping, if you’re ignoring all the pleas to help out a ma n pa shop or ma n’ ma or pa n’ pa shop, or other local vendors, then skip toxic Target and Woeful WalMart (make sure to click on the Target & Wamart links btw – good stuff, thanks and give The Container Store a whirl. It’s the perfect place to buy crap for where to put your crap.

P.S. I’m not kidding.  While you are there, sign a comment card (each cashier has them) or send an email and let them know you want more stuff made by US in US (well not in “us” but in “US,” as in U.S … as in, you know what i mean).

P.P.S. The second pic shows my glass of wine for perspective (and for me).

P.P .P.S.  (All the p’s from that little glass of wine!)  The Container Store’s selection of American made goods is still, unfortunately, pretty meager.  But, if we give them positive feedback, they just might grow some more homemade goodies for all us hungry shoppers.





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