Shame on You, Daffy’s

9 Dec

So I just went to push some change into the economy. Caved to a splurge purchase because I left my house in a hurry on this chilly day, and still am in denial it’s December. So I popped into one of my least favorite stores down the street on Broadway, and was reminded one of the reasons I disdain this place. Not a single scarf without the label “Made in China.” I checked about eight, each with a label listing its “recommended price,” followed by a ridiculously lower price labeled “Our Price.” Correction: China’s price.

No, thanks Daffy’s. I’d rather be cold or have to pay lots more than put another penny in China’s red pocket. On my way back to the office, I grabbed a miso soup and Yoga Bunny Detox from Pret a Manger. Yay! Yay! Both made in the good old U S of A! Well, I just checked and actually the drink is made in Canada but close enough, eh?


2 Responses to “Shame on You, Daffy’s”

  1. Ron December 10, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    I totally agree. It’s becoming a painful truth that the U.S.A will effectively be “Made in China.”

  2. Ralph December 15, 2011 at 12:19 am #

    A while back I heard someone talking about having a hard time finding something made in the USA, One question asked was which will happen first, our getting bored and putting it away or it breaking. One solution was offered, and while it won’t really change matters much, it is something made in the USA, won’t break, can be passed down for years to come, and will always be worth something- even if the dollar isn’t. Sound interesting?? Check out the link below, then look around the rest of the site.

    It’s a one ounce American Silver Eagle. One ounce of fine silver made right here in America. In my opinion it’s one of the nicest looking coins this country has produced, Looking at it’s back, the large printed “United States of America” leaves no doubt where this was made, and “1oz Fine Silver” leaves no doubt what it’s made of. The prices for this work of art vary constantly with the price of silver, and as of this post cost about $33 each.

    So, what does one do with a one ounce silver coin? Look around the website (and elsewhere) and you will also find money clips, key chains, and necklaces that fit the coin. The small ‘watch pocket’ on your jeans is the perfect place to carry one, the silver protecting you from werewolves and vampires- but you’ll still be on your own with Zombies.

    If anyone is interested in a coin, there are many places to buy them. Be sure to check prices (the above site has about the best prices) and remember the price of silver, and thus the coin will vary constantly. Local coin shops will probably carry them, but know current prices before buying. The above site gives the current prices as well as historical price graphs to see how silver prices have changed over time. Note that “proof” versions of this or any coin carry a premium price. Left in their case and not to be touched, proof coins are stunning versions of coins with mirror like finishes, exquisite details, and made in fairly limited quantities. Proof coins are intended for collectors, but if you go to a coin shop be sure to look at a few even if you’re not going to buy one.

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