ASK UR MAMA: New Year Same Old No Bonus

3 Jan

Hey Revel Mama,

I work for a company that doesn’t give bonuses. I’m going into my fifth year here. There is a big fancy Christmas tree in the lobby with lots of beautifully wrapped faux presents beneath it. I pick out a new one each day and when I walk in and look at it, I think, “could that be my bonus?” To throw salt on the wound, at the end of each year this company also sends around an email saying how great the company did, but still no bonuses.

Screw(g)ed in Schenectady

Dear Screw(g)ed: I feel your pain. If you can meet with someone in the company to discuss their sucky no-bonus policy/practice, you should. It sounds like you’ve proven yourself a valuable worker (you’ve been there five years and haven’t yet ripped into any of the presents or torn down the tree). So do yourself and your coworkers a favor by asking your boss to reconsider the no bonus means of building the company’s bottom line. Although bonuses are far from an entitlement, the fact is that without good employees, a company fails. There is always someone else to work for, no matter how hard these times or how dire the economy. So there’s no harm in asking. If it doesn’t get results, just add your own little present with the company name on the gift tag and whatever gift you find appropriate. Just kidding. Don’t do that. But if you don’t get your employer to budge on the bonus issue, you can always blog about it. These days, five years at a job is a lifetime. Now that it’s January, other, maybe less Scroogey companies, are looking to hire. No harm in seeing what else might be out there. Give em heck.

Advice from your mama to the bosses: if you are not going to reward your employees with a bonus, do not flaunt how rich they’ve made you with end of the year emails bragging about your success. And if you’re going to try to generate holiday cheer with garland instead of greenbacks,then at least pack those boxes with presents for some poor kids. Leaving them empty only reminds your hard working employees of what’s in your heart.


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