Me, A, and Z

Me, A, and Z

I have a 21 year old and a one-year old.  I am the child of a single mother.  I was a single mother, then married, then a divorcee, then single with a grown daughter, now married and dual parenting for the first time.  I am bi-racial, an attorney, a gardener, and a writer living in Brooklyn, New York.  I write here about my experiences as a parent (again) to a young child.  The topics tend to be inspired by my desire to make the world she is growing up in a better place.  I also am seeking feedback and ideas from others (parents or not) on the same quest.

I am a mother because I love kids (well, that and another really obvious reason).  I’m a revel mama because I know that if we can impart a little joy on this crazy ride, all the kids (ourselves included) will be a little better off for it.


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